Forcing 2.1 sound out of all 5.1 speakers (Logitech x350)

Found 17th Jul 2012
Hi all,

I come bearing a question regarding the official speaker set of HUKD, the infamous Logitech x350.

I currently have the speakers plugged into my sound blaster audigy in my PC through the 3 3.5mm jacks (green, orange and black IIRC).

Now the speakers in control panel are configured as 5.1 speakers, and on the test sound comes out correctly.

However, normal sound sources, such as internet radio as one example, only output sound to the 2 front speakers and sub. This is as opposed to say a movie with 5.1.

Is there a way to send the sound to all the speakers (1 center + 2 back). Obviously I'm aware it won't produce 'true' surround sound, but it would be sound which would fill the room better.

Had a google about last night but there doesn't seem to be a lot for my sound card, people have reported success with Realtek software but I don't think I can use them.

Thanks in advance!
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try using the Jazz audio setting or similar, this normally forces 2.1 to multi-channel
Cheers both, I will investigate when I get home and report back.
Was looking to ask the same question at some point, thanks.
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