Ford Fiesta 2004 Automatic problems?

    Viewing a ford fiesta 2004 automatic petrol with 60k mileage next week.
    Please could you let me know common problems with this model and what I should check before purchasing. thank you


    I have a 2005 fiesta (manual) that I bought about 2 years ago with 100k miles and haven't had and real problems to sing about. I messed up the clutch early on but at the time was new to driving and believe that may have been my own fault. I was surprised that it was very cheap to repair. In fact the main selling point according to the garage I use (service, mot etc) is that the car is reliable and parts/repair are really cheap compared to other brands. I'm only going on my own experience so others may have different opinions.

    Pretty solid cars them. Check all 4 springs, both rear trailing arm bushes (the large bushes at the front of the rear axle/cross member), front suspension arm bushes, sills for corrosion all brake pipes for corrosion, can't think of any other common problems with them right now, but do check all those common problems. I think I listed them in importance order.

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    Corrosion/noisy water pump. Also look for uneven tyre wear and check its mot history and advisories here…ory

    If you hear any knocking or rattling when driving it will probably need a front ball joint or two

    The front springs are prone to going
    And water pump leaking so if coolant level really low could the problem
    Check if cam belt has been done due every 10 years or 100k
    To replace the cam belt and makes to change the water pump at the same time around £250

    Make shure the automatic gearbox and filter have been changed in the last couple of years as it's quite expensive to get done
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