Ford fiesta 2009 3 door Airbag!

Posted 27th Apr 2011
Does anybody know how to turn off the passenger airbag in a ford fiesta 2009 model.

I've looked in the handbook and it says it should be in the glove compartment but i've looked all over but just cant seem to find it.

Do all cars come with a deactivation switch fitted or do you sometimes have to get one fitted?

any help would be appreciated please.
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"There is a kit avalible from ford dealer" - Being told.

you usually pull the fuse IIRC but make sure you check before doing it
It's an option you have to pay for, around £120 I believe.
Wow, i didnt think it was something you had to pay for. I would have thought you use your key to activate/deactivate the passenger airbag. If deavtivating the passenger airbag a light will remain on to notify the driver the PA is off.
To be fair why fit an option and make customers pay for an option that probably has a take up percentage of less than 5% of customers actually using it. Seems a bit harsh to have to pay for it admittedly but customers insist on lower and lower costs and therefore the manufacturers are always looking at cutting production costs.
Yep its the reason we didn't get a Ford. You have to pay for them to do it and the dealer said that it was for safety reasons. I asked how come every other manufacturer has a switch and he just went quiet. Robbing gits!
Also check it doesn't invalidate your insurance.

Also check it doesn't invalidate your insurance.

never heard of turning off your air passenger bag invalidating insurance. A few passenger air bags are turned off due to baby seats. So i dint see how this can invalidate an insurance policy
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