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Found 11th Oct 2010
I was wondering if anyone could help me out there.

If anyone drives a ford fiesta 2009 onwards as I have few little problems with mine and was wondering if anyone had anything similar or any advice maybe.

Anyway the main problem being that the car is parked on a sloped drive with the front of the car facing downwards if you like, and the problem is it seems every time it rains quite badly, which is quite a lot in england lol is that when you pull off the drive and drive away water leaks into the footwell of the drivers side and passengers side of the inside of the car, which obviously there's electricals down there. I dont know a lot about cars and I know you probably thinking well take it back to fords if its under warranty which we have done and they done a few tests and a air con test thing lol but found nothing wrong yet it still leaks from time to time but doesn't leak when its parked level on the road.

Anyway any help or advice would be much appreciated

I've also looked about online at a few sites to see if I could find anything but not found nothing really.
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Keep taking it back util they do fix it and if they don't go above them and put a complaint into Ford UK. There is obviously a sealing issue not right somewhere on the bulkhead and you are probably going to a) not find it yourself and b) cause more trouble and money trying to do it yourself.
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I would keep hassling Ford to get it fixed, not had that problem but me and my GF have a fiesta each, she had issues with the Air Con not working and took 6mths to get resolved!!! - Mine had some dodgy rubber seals that had gone so driving to work one day and when waiting at light etc there was smoke coming from the engine.

The Air Con issue was initially they could not find a problem after some hassle etc they did some more investigations and finally found a fault which needed a new part.

Speak to the Service Manager rather than just booking it in and getting the mechanic to have a look - you may get further that way, still if not happy then talk to the Manager there.Also keep a record of the visits and work/check already done, i have this and will be using it when we go to replace them next year.
Thanks guy.

The cars under my GF's name so she has to deal with it all, last time she rang up to book it in they said that we'd have to pay £10 for a courtesy car even though theres a problem with there car. its a joke really but definatly gonna ring up and speak to the service manager and just keep on hassling them.
Its £10 with their insurance - check to see if your insurance covers courtesy cars, you just have to take your insurance cert in then.

Both our cars in my GF name but she is not very good at giving them hassle, I call them every time cause I know then what is being said.
ford dealers can be a total nightmare i had massive probs with my mondeo a few years back it would just decide not to lock at random times, so i would drive all the way shopping etc get to the carpark and the car wouldnt lock so i would have to go home, also the imobiliser kept getting a fault and the car would not start every couple of months (not ideal if you work til midnight like i did). anyway took mine into busseys ford several times and they kept failing to find any faults even when it once failed to lock on their own forecourt!! . I got so annoyed a took it to a different dealer (still ford) and they sorted it first time and lent me a courtesy car for free, dont think i would ever buy ford again i just dont trust them or the dealers now.
I know its a nightmare, they just want your money then thats it there not to fussed after that, its all laid back but when it comes to selling damn its non stop calls and hassle, suppose maybe different dealerships differ maybe, but my gf did have a problem before with her old KA and in the end she rang the customer complaint thing or soming in brentwood and they compensated her, dont think it was much but still worth it I think, and when we took out Fiesta back for the air con test and so on they used the the rest of petrol in the tank doing so and didnt replace or give us the cash for it so she rang the complaints thing again and got compensated with that, so definatly worth ringing them I think just to have a moan.
if it gets water in the car when the front is facing down so the back is up, it could be leaking into the rear of the vehicle, light clusters, tail-gate seal ect & running down the floor pan to the front. Have you got a sun roof ? it could be the sunroof drains blocked. your best bet would be to park the car on the slope & use a hose-pipe to simulate the rain & then see if you can see it creeping in any where.
I have a zetec s 2009 model new shape and had water going into the boot well after numerous times going to fords they done a leak test and found the problem to be one of the seals. They replaced it along with the rear carpet. I don't think it could be be the door seals if it's on both sides unless both seals have failed which is rare. Like some people have said above keep complaining or complain to fords cs department. Seems it could be water leaking from the bulkhead.
thanks guys I'll have a go at that.

Just my luck, today I get back from helping gf's nan,

thought I'd check under the bonnet at the oil, water etc.

But a few months back partner hit someone up the **** as they were about to pull away, not major damage but needed new bumper and so on and the bonnet wouldnt shut so anyway it taken back and repaired and so on , so we thought anyway.

Opened my bonnet earlier to check things, now my bonnet wont shut, theres like 2 mechanisms
the first which you use the tab to open it up yourself and then the primary one which it should click into place but just wont, I had a little look at it but have no idea what to do. trying to ring fords up to see if they'll have a look today.

Any ideas anyone??
The strikers, latches or bump stops are probably out of line and not allowing the bonnet to latch correctly.
Any way for a novice to sought it out just so I can at least drive local or is it a problem for ford to sought those no gooders!! lol

Had nothing but problems with this car, definatly a curse
Soughted it now lol , lubed it up a bit and gave it a good push down to loosen it up a bit , I think it was just stiff but its shut for now,

Still gonna take it to fords though and get things soughted, paying out all this money for hassle.
Only had issues to do with my adaptions to the car (disabled driver). Had to take it back about 5 times for them to fix it, everytime i got it back they said it was fixed but it didnt last more than a day so back it went. Just year and half left before i get a new car, dont think i will be picking a ford this time.
Sounds like the windscreen seal is leaking
Well somethings definatly leaking but its my own fault for being too laid back about it and only complaining about it when it rains lol, once ive taken it back and found out what the problem is I shall let you all know.
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