ford focus 2002 = £2000 is it worth it ????

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Found 3rd Dec 2009
looking to buy a ford focus 2002 1.8 zetec petrol , 48000 miles 1 owner from new. alloy wheels , interior and exterior in very good . great sound system and a thacham approved alarm installed.

£2000 what you recon? is it worth that?

also on a 1.8 what sort of milage would i get ( mpg ) driving only in the city.

thanks for any inof in advance.


Mpg won't be too good;

Seems good value.


a diesel would be better

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did a bit of searching says 27 mpg urban. does that sound about right.


a diesel would be better

A BMW RRP 66K would be even better You ask BG1:w00t:


7up king;7096011

did a bit of searching says 27 mpg urban. does that sound about right.


get a city car....the money you save on petrol alone.

I have the above car and that is a good price - even more so that 2nd hand cars are increasing....I get about 325miles to a tank around the city and just shy of 400 on motorways.

parkers says
£3705 from dealer
£3485 from independent
£2940 private good
£2100 private poor

weve got an 02 plate ford focus 1.6 zetec and get about 75-80 miles to £10 of petrol. We bought it 2 years ago for £3200 and has been a fab car for us.

I had a 51 plate 1.8 Focus Estate. 27mpg sounds about right.
Was a great car and I wish I still had it now.

I have a hissy fit if I dont get 55MPG around town in my Diesel Citroen C3. I would have heart failure if I only got 27MPG. Also only £35 a year to tax.

Sounds a bit too cheap to me. Obviously check it out carefully.
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