Ford focus making weird noises........

Found 16th Aug 2008
I have a focus 2001 estate, which yesterday started making noises as i went round corners, over bumps etc i suspect it is the suspension. Is it safe to drive as i have to drive 50 miles on monday and dont want the wheels falling off.........?
would appreciate any advice til i can get to the garage xx
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What kind of noise? Is it when you turn corners (small or full lock)?
kind of a clunking noise coming from the front. any kind of corner really thats what makes me think its the suspension
is it when the car moves?
check the front wheel to see if you have a hedgehog stuck to it.
Probably a drive shaft or cv joint
My girl friends saxo had a knocking noise when going round corners, it turned out to be the drive shaft..she drove it for a few weeks tho before getting it fixed...
youve clearly seen my driving!!!!
Thanks is it pricey???

youve clearly seen my driving!!!!

Thanks is it pricey???

It cost me about £100 for a Megane driveshaft, I think? But could of been £250, It was a few years ago
oh not good news
Nobody can really tell you what the problem is or if its dangerous to drive just from what you've written in op.

It could be anything, a damaged shock absorber or spring, ball joint, cv joint, drop link, bush, engine mount... I could go on.

You really should get it checked out, no decent garage should charge you much (if at all) just to tell you what the problem is.

As for the wheels falling off, have you changed a tyre or anything recently? Check the nuts to be certain they're tight.

If you think it might be dangerous and have aa cover you could call them and tell them you are scared to go any further for fear of something falling off
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