Ford code reset..How do I?

    As above, the battery was replaced and the I'm being asked for a code to reset it. I have the code but once entered have no idea what to do next ! Hubby is currently looking for the audio guide but no luck do far..Anyone any ideas ??

    Google just turned up loads of queries for actual codes, not what to do..

    Thanks again


    I seem to remember it just starts, are you sure you're typing all of the numbers in, you have to use the numbers on the radio, i think i struggled with the last one because i was confused. I'm sure the radio just starts though

    cant quite remember,but once you enter the numbers press one of the other buttons on the radio to lock in the code,if its a 4 digit code try pressing 5 after or select radio station button,sorry to be vaige.

    Not sure if this will work but worth a try.......

    Enter code using 1234 buttons on radio, click 5 to set it?

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    I;ll go and give these a try.

    Thanks and rep to all


    I;ll go and give these a try.Thanks and rep to all

    Let us know if you have any probs and i'll quote to you from the focus radio manual! :thumbsup:

    What is your series number

    Just had my alternator done so had same problem

    You need to enter the 4 digit code using buttons 1 through to 4 then button 5 enters it

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    Thanks again for all the help, been at work all afternoon and it's dark and cold!!! So will try in the morning.

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    Finally, tried all of the above and have managed to lock the radio now, perhaps I ought to call to my local Ford dealer. I didn't realise there was a finite number of tries:oops::

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