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Posted 2nd Dec 2014
Hey everyone

got abit of a problem which im hoping some kind soul here can shed some light on.

i put key in ignition, turn it, electric signals on dashboard come but when i fully turn key to switch it on, it just makes a clicking noise. not from the engine, but more the electrics on the dashboard with the indicator lights clicking whilst the key is fully turned. Its been working fine so far. normally it gets used on the school run but its not been used all day today. just switched it on to go do some shopping and i come up with this issue.

now my wife says in the morning she opened the car to get something out and shes not sure wether she locked it or not. she later went out again to get something and noticed that the glove box was open with its contents on the floor so maybe someone has chanced it, and tried to nick the car but could not. thats just a guess though.

if the batter went, would it make a electric clicking noise or you guys think someone has tried to nick it, couldnt, and in the process messed up the ignition?

i dont know any mechanics who would come out and not with the AA or anyone so not sure what the issue is really.

any help as always is appreciated from the community.
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