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Found 13th Aug 2009
ive got a T reg ford ka and just wondering if anyone knows if they definatley have an airbag in the passenger side, just that in my car there is a thing that looks like where an airbag would be it doesnt actually say airbag on like it does on the steering wheel, is there any way of finding out ,sorry if this is a silly question but i dont know much about cars, thanks to anyone who might know.
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in the handbook - or find your car on [url][/url] - look at the spec.

in my experience KAs don't have a passenger airbag, just one for the driver. So a child seat etc should be fine...
thats why id like to find out as my babies due next week and would like to put the baby in the front of my car when im travelling on my own, will check out that site as i dont think ive got the handbook, thanks…247

i just had a look - the only version of the ka that has a passenger airbag is the "millenium" edition.

the new ones 09- have airbags as standard though. but I assumed you had the older shape...
Should have a warning plate in door opening..........its there to warn emergency services if not displayed on dash anywhere
my g/f had a t reg and it didnt have an airbag just a big well where the glove box is
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