Ford Puma Lease / PCP

Posted 25th Jul 2020
I'm researching my next car and one of the options that I am looking at is Lease/PCP.
My head is aching from all the research I have been doing and I was wondering if anyone has recently found a cracking deal on a Ford Puma.
Please, please can we not let this degenrate into the usual lease vs buy argument!
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They Bringing back the Ford Puma??
It's already back! Looks good imo.
darthvader666uk25/07/2020 13:02

They Bringing back the Ford Puma??

It is back in small crossover form - based on the Fiesta chassis.
sane4sure25/07/2020 13:08

It is back in small crossover form - based on the Fiesta chassis.

just googled it, so a small soccer mom car thing?

yeah not a fan personally
I saw one other day in like primer grey and it looked well.

i think with it being so new at the minute you will have to wait a bit for deals when the initial interest fades a little
Personally speaking if you want to own the car outright and not find yourself restricted by ridiculously low mileage arrangements etc (but you don’t have the means to pay) you me be better off getting a low rate loan from Zopa or the like. That’s what I did with the purchase of a MINI JCW, as you’re effectively buying in cash then gives you more bartering room with the retailer.
Try whatcar or
Pistonheads forums
Sign up to various leasing company newsletters, twitter sites like leaselab.

Aim for 25% cost of list price over 2 years, under that it's a deal, under 20% is excellent, up to 30% probably more expensive than depreciation, above 30% forget it.
Great advice - thanks.
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