Ford Transit 07 radio code help

Found 23rd Jul 2014
Wondering if anyone can help me with getting a radio code for my 07 plate transit for free. Paying last resort lol

6c1t-18c815-aj V 086628

Hopefully someone here can help or point me in right direction.


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Drop a message in here and i believe they will get you one

Try 7593

in fact no don't, i just discovered it probably won't work

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Will try that forum. Thanks.

sounds daft, but have you pulled it out of the dash? sometimes its written on the sticker on the top.

also there should be a key card in your book pack?

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Not on top unfortunately. Not got the card with the code on it either

try here,seems like someone has a code generator using the radio serial no.last posting today,has been running for 5 years

[url=]Your text here[/url]

Was going to say try mse but whingygit beat me to it. I got my radio code there a couple of years back and it worked

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Turns out i cant get a v serial.

Ford dealer or radio specialist dealer. Damn
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