Foreign Currency (Hong Kong Dollars)

    Going to HK on Thursday, in typical last minute fashion I have forgotten to pick up HK dollars and I am told that most places do not stock them as standard and they need ordering.

    Does anyone know of anywhere in Manchester that would have them in stock OR a firm offering pick up at the airport?

    Many thanks HUKDers!


    i think moneysupermarket has a travel currency section and the airport pick-up deals are often included.

    have a great time, HK is fantastic.

    if you're planning on staying a while, get an octopus card and load it up with a few HK dollars - they are used everywhere to pay for virtually anything and are ultra convenient.

    cost (as i recall) about a tenner then just hand the card back at the end of your stay and get about £7 back plus the cash you have put on it.

    you can exchange hk dollars when you arrive there

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    Thanks a lot guys, that is really helpful.

    I'll let you know how I get on. Also what do people know about using a credit card abroad? I am only getting a limited amount of HK dollars - I get paid after 2 days of being there so I need to basically draw out money and/or use my credit card to pay for things when I am already there.

    I have got a credit card (mastercard - never used before but activated) and a visa debit card. Both with my bank (RBS).


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    mumbojumbo that, there … that, there will be an ATM at Chek Lap Kok that will give you HK dollars - just get the minimum you need until you get into a bank 'cos the rate is a fair bit lower than in town.

    Hi - thanks for this, looks like the most convenient option (there is a branch in T2 so good for me) - any idea what exchange rate will be like though? Won't tell me before I get 'voucher' just says "The exchange rate for your booking will be applied on collection at your selected ICE branch in the UK on your chosen date. Rates may vary from branch to branch.
    All exchange rates displayed on this website are only for online home delivery currency, travellers cheques and cashcard orders."

    You should advise your card issuer of your travel plans as they will block your cards for unusual activity abroad.

    Have a safe trip

    Post office, for me..
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