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    Anyone know of any sites that sell foreign country sim cards? I want one specific for dominican republic so I can receive calls for 6p a min through one of these services:…ile

    The international sim cards are rubbish and charge roaming fees for receiving calls out there. If I cant order one will have to pick one up out there.


    The only sim card that I know of is [url][/url] it costs £16 and includes £6 of credit. In Europe it is free to receive calls, but you'll need to study the terms and conditions to see what it costs to receive calls in Dominican Republic, as it is the only country in the world not listed. Currently O2 users can make calls to one of these sims as part of their inclusive bundle, but that will be changing very soon. These sims are assigned Jersey numbers, so calling from a UK mobile other than O2 can be expensive.
    I've used this card when working in France, Spain and Portugal. Sorry it isn't exactly what you are looking for.

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    Thanks for the post, I will have a look. If I can get a sim card for the local network operator in Dominican republic then the family will be able to call me for 6p a min using one of the access numbers in the link above. And ofcourse no roaming charges for myself as its a local sim.
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