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    Hiding in Philips' lab is a new technology that will make high-def seem like yesterday's news. It's called 3D TV, and it'll be jumping out of your screen this year
    Apart from Superman Returns at the IMAX, 3D telly was disappointingly absent from our lives in 2006. The wait could finally be over this year, though, thanks to the toil of Philips boffins.

    The time is certainly ripe for the third dimension to visit our goggleboxes - Disney has started to routinely produce animated features in digital 3D, and Titanic director James Cameron said that he'll never work in 2D again.

    Philips' 20in display has a huge advantage over rivals from Samsung and Toshiba ­- you don't need to wear giant, dorky specs to see the 3D visuals. Instead of synchronising its pixels like a traditional monitor, it creates two slightly different images which, if you're sitting in the 'sweet spot', will give the impression that the dice on show are flying towards your face.

    More news on Philips and other manufacturers' 3D monitors is expected at the CES show in the first week of January, where Stuff will be reporting live. Here comes the next dimension: duck!

    Hot off the press folks.:w00t: :w00t:


    any reviews yet?

    No url = hoax imo

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    No Hoax!

    LOOK HERE. ]http//ne…tml

    Hmm, with this though it's going to be like LCD TV's, then HD TV's etc. An absolute fortune to start with and there will be nothing to run it proper. Let's face it, HD isnt mainstream yet.

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    i remember seeing this technology back in a Live! show, i think it was live Live!99 or something

    if you were standing in the exact right spot, it really did look 3D!

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    [SIZE=4]Philips 42" 3D Intelligent Display Solutions[/SIZE]
    HD autostereoscopic displays

    System Overview

    Philips 3D Solutions offers a 42” autostereoscopic 3D display family, for professional applications, that provides today’s best 3D viewing experiences. The slanted multi-view lenticular lens technology affords full brightness and full contrast and allows multiple users to view 3D content at the same time, within a large comfort zone. Moreover, a true colour representation is ensured by the lenticular lens technology.
    The display is based on a High Definition panel and thus enables great picture quality in 2D and 3D mode. Integrated advanced display signal-processing offers content creators and end-users full control over the quality and depth-effect characteristics of the picture. Furthermore, a flexible 3D data interface, in the form of 2D-plus-depth, allows easy creation or adaptation of applications and content for the display.
    ][COLOR=#0000ff]Also available: Philips 20" 3D 4YOU Intelligent Display Solution[/COLOR]

    42" 3D Display Types Available:
    [LIST]42-3D6C01 Comfort type for applications that require a 3D experience with maximum comfort.
    [*]42-3D6W01 WOW for enhanced depth performance with exciting out-of-screen effects.[/LIST][INDENT][CENTER] [/CENTER]
    [/INDENT][LEFT]Product Features:[/LEFT]
    [LIST]Exciting out-of-screen 3D effects immediately grab the attention of the viewer. Autostereoscopic display: [LIST]no need for 3D glasses multiple users experience 3D at the same time
    [*]large 3D viewing zone.[/LIST]Multi-view lenticular technology: [LIST]full brightness and full contrast
    [*]true colour representation.[/LIST]High quality 3D and 2D mode: [LIST]2D high-definition video playback
    [*]autosensing between 2D and 3D mode.[/LIST]
    [*]End-to-end system solution from content creation to visualization: [LIST]integrated intelligent signal processing flexible 3D data format through 2D-plus-depth
    [*]3D application performance and distribution bandwidth close to 2D[/LIST]
    [*]3D content enabling products (optional):[LIST]OpenGL Vizualizer and Control Real-time stereoscopic video to 3D conversion
    [*]Plugin-ins for popular 3D animation software available
    [*]Semi-automatic 2D to 3D conversion post-processing software[/LIST][/LIST]MORE INFO HERE --- ]http//ww…_=0
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