Forgot Antler Combination Lock Code

Found 5th Mar 2015
Hi, I have actually forgotten my Antler combination lock code. Tried looking up online but it just tells you how to reset it by using the factory default code but there is no information how you can reset it if you forgotten it.

I have uploaded the photo as well which you can see below.

Any assistance would be highly appreciated.

Thank You.

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well that is a TSA combination lock so I am sure you can only reset the code when you know the original code.

Have you set your own code before? if not the default will be 0-0-0 ......

if it was easy to reset then it would defeat the purpose of the lock !!


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To be honest we haven't used that suitcase for a while & have tried all various possible combinations but now luck.

try this page


can't see it at work and it's in Italian ..... but same problem as you ..


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try this pagehttp://www.yourepeat.com/watch/?v=CT0NrFRG7Cscan't see it at work and it's in Italian ..... but same problem as you ..EliTom


As there are only three tumblers and ten numbers per tumbler theres very few to go through even if its unknown.just start at 001 then 002 all the way to 999 till you find the relevant entry code
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also try links here



Its quite easy to do but hard to explain. You will need a torch though. Using the torch look underneath the numbers side on (small space between the rim of the number wheel and body of the lock) and turn the wheels slowly as you turn them you will see a small cutout on each dial. When you have located each cutout you need to make sure they are all postitioned in the same way usually best pointing straight towards you. Its then just a case of moving on all three wheels a couple of turns simultaneously whilst pressing the release button.

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After a lot of attempts I finally managed to get it working as I tried different possible combinations.

Thank you everyone.

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