Forgot me combination code for the volume limit ipod shuffle

Found 4th Apr 2009
My son has been messing with the ipod and when ive gone to listen to some music i can't bloody hear anything! Gone to the volume limit and it's asking for a 4 digit combination to unlock it.

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The volume limit is controlled using the iPod settings in iTunes. Connnect the to your computer and it should sync with iTunes automatically. With your ipod selected in the source list, click the Settings tab, and there you should see a checkbox for "limit maximum volume." If you turn that off, it will remove the limit. To set a higher limit after that, set the volume at the desired limit and then turn the checkbox back on
Normally all zeros unless you have created your own
Thx choccies, i did try that in the itunes box but could i hell see the settings tab >.
sorted! thx all!
Getting another problem now, got nothing on the ipod and when i sync it up to one of my playlists ive made in itunes it says that my ipod is at full capacity. Looked in Summary and i have checke sync only checked songs and videos and enable disc use, in music i have sync music and selected playlist's checked.
np sorted d'oh!
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