Forgot to get my national health insurance card thing - Holiday to Greece

    Is it the end of the world? I've got my travel insurance


    you can order it online - when are you going?

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    you can order it online - when are you going?

    friday :?

    It might come that quick if your lucky - otherwise I wouldn't worry too much if you have travel insurance.

    You'll be fine .................... unless you get ill!!!

    mine ran out before we went to spain but I still renewed it online and then took the old ones with me. Luckily I didnt need so I didnt have to test whether it would be accepted or not. I did also have travel insurance. Id get it ordered anyway

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    Done, clicked close before I saw when it would be coming…spx

    If you have travel insurance then you won't need the card - the card is so that you can prove that you come from an EU country & are therefore entitled to basic health care. You will have to pay an element of the cost of the healthcare, but only up to a specific maximum (kinda like having to pay the excess on your car insurance if you make a claim). If you have health insurance then you will be entitled to private healthcare.
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