Forgotten O2 login details

Found 3rd Mar 2010
Have home broadband with them and want to check my bill

Cant remember login details

And here's the problem - when I ask for prompt they want me to input mobile number but the one registered with broadband account I now dont have

Emailed them but they stupidly just sent me a link to the 'Forgotten Both' option on the site - like I couldnt have worked that out and would have had to email them!

Surely cant be only person to have had this, how do I get around it?!
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'but they stupidly'

arent you the 'stupid' one who didnt change their number when they changed it?

the reason I want to access the account is to change my details

have never had need to login before

but clearly emailed them explaining problem and get response from a person who must have read email which to me is pretty ridiculous

I cannot access my details that way

Guess you cant help, but thanks t0mm for your useful input
also what do you mean 'didnt change their number when they changed it'

thats what I want to do

the phone belonged to my ex if I need to explain
:-/Kyiv j
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