Forgotten password for computer - how to recover

    My son has given me an old PC which was his. He has not used it for several years but it is fine.

    When he had it, he set himself up as Administrator, with a guest account for other people.

    The problem is, he has forgotten the admin. password. So, although I can log on to the guest account, I cannot install any new software as I do not have admin. rights.

    Is there any way round this - either recovering the password or installing software as a "guest"?


    What operating system is it?

    iirc, you can access it via safe mode? create a new acct, then amend the orginail to USER, then delete. I THINK!

    I did it to a mates about 2 years since.... but its a long time ago obviously

    Also, found this ...

    To start your computer, first shut it down. Then press the power switch or power button whichever you have. Immediately after pressing your power switch, press and hold down the F8 function key. The computer will make an awful fuss and you will think that you've done something terrible to it because of the fuss it makes, but keep holding down the F8 key. The fuss will eventually stop and you will see a menu on the monitor screen. You will not be able to use your mouse at this time. Use your arrow keys to move up and down in this menu. Choose the item Start Windows Normally and then press the Enter key. Windows will start normally. This happened to me once and I can tell you that this procedure work

    and this .. ]METHOD 2 is what you need

    >Is there any way round this - or installing software as a "guest"?

    No, guest is just that, a limited account that has huge restrictions (I dont even think you can print)

    Try logging on as Adminstrator leaving the password field blank. If he did not create a password that may work.

    Or try a password of "administrator" (small a) or "Administrator" (big A) they may work.

    The other option you have, if you cant log on, is to do a complete reinstall or recovery of Windows.

    If he has a recovery CD, or a Windows CD, this is fairly easy to do if you are a little bit technical.…05/

    Includes the Locksmith utility to reset lost Administrator passwords

    You can use a boot disk called "Minipe" as well, very easy to use.
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