Foriegn currency exhanges (preferrably not online)

    Hi, I'm off to Egpyt soon and am looking to exchange GBP into Egyptian pounds. From what I have heard it's best to convert most of the money once in egpyt as the FX rate is better out there, but I will still need to get some Egyptian pounds before I go.

    Does anyone know the best place to go to get this done? I have googled for a comparison site that shows the best FX rates on the high street but i keep getting directed to obscure sites that I wouldnt trust!

    Anyone have any suggestions for whwere to go or have an idea of somewhere that might have a better rate than most others? So far Tesco has the best rate EG£9.1266 / £1 but it seems as though I am spending an worryinglot of money (on non food items) in tesco these days!! I feel like i'm helping their campaign for total domination of the UK retail market!


    always thought the post office was the best place to go. unsure of any exchange rate though!

    I find either the Post Office or M&S the best places.
    Online it says PO is 9.0227 to £ and M&S is 9.021.
    Both are commission free.

    Is it worth checking Money Supermarket or some other comparison site?

    Just use post office/bank that is most convenient. Unless you are changing thousands it's not worth shopping around.

    as been said before Marks & Spencer
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