Fork lift trucks, best place to purchase / hire?

    Needed a fork lift truck to shift some pallets. We were after something very basic for our delivery on Tuesday.

    Anyone able to recommend anything?

    Thanks in advance - Zak.


    Depends, I work for a contractor in the NW and we tend to use local ones

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    Depends, I work for a contractor in the NW and we tend to use local ones

    How much should I expect to pay to hire one out for a day? (In Birmingham)

    I would say you are looking at loads of money. What have you got to shift and over what sort of terrain?

    For a single days hire you will probably have to hire truck and driver, FLT hire normally tends to be longer term

    Remember - ALWAYS reverse downhill.

    if its not too heavy u might be better off with a pallet truck does the same thing u just need to use manual labour

    Hiring a truck and driver will be at least £200 a day :thinking:

    As bigbob said, if ya on a even floor get a pallet truck, buy a new one for about £150 or hire for £30 a day.

    If that's no good, go ask one of the guys on a local building site if he wants to earn a few quid ;-)

    Need to know
    1 Your location
    2Terrain ie warehouse, rough ground etc
    3 weight & height to lift
    4 preference, gas diesel or electric
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