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Found 21st Feb 2007
This is not exactly an online hotdeal request.
I have a job interview next week and I need to buy a decent formal suit. Budget up to £200. Any recommendations where to shop from?

P.S I'm not planning to buy online as I need to try it on before buying.

Thank you
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Don't think you could go far wrong with good old M&S really.
Not sure where you live, but if you have a 'Slaters menswear' near you, i would reccomend them.
They were very helpful and the prices were cheaper than other places and better quality suits in my opinion.
They have designer brands too if thats what you are looking for, and free alterations for the life of the suit.
Hope this helps!
My local asda has suits at very reasonable prices.

Don't think you could go far wrong with good old M&S really.

I agree - I just bought a tux from them for £100. A M&S suit will look great and not cost the Earth. An Asda suit will be cheap but most likely won't look quite as good and certainly won't last as well as an M&S suit.
M&S or Next are my recommendations.
Agree - M&S - find the suit instore and then order online through quidco
I have to recommend Slaters - I get mine from there - they are cheap and great quality.
Thanks for the advice everyone, highly appreciated.
If you go down the view/decided instore then order online, Marks and Spencer are giving you a free suit carrier worth £35 just now, coupled with free delivery......

Worth considering!:roll:

Oh... and dont forget to go through quidco!
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