Formatted SD card to internal storage transfer

Posted 28th Dec 2019
Hi, I have just bought a new mobile (Android) and want to transfer the music (playlists if possible) on the (formatted to the old mobile) SD card to my pc.
I will then format the SD card to the new mobile.
And then transfer the music (playlists) from pc to mobile.
Any ideas on how to do this would be appreciated!
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PCs can read a number of formats "out of the box", and they're is usually a software app if they don't. Do you have a card reader, or the lead from the phone can be plugged directly into the pc.
Are you going from iOS to android?
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No need to sign up for anything at all - as long as you have a google account.
On a good wifi or lan connection upload all your music to the cloud from all your devices and then enjoy all your music from any of your devices with either the app or through a browser.
As well as in effect backing up all your music in the cloud.

Good idea though to amalgamate your music and backup locally also.
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The SD cards are normally recognised in most phones and I have had both HTC and LGs in the past where using their 'Transfer tool ' all the settings ,apps, photo's , music, messages, etc. can be transferred from your old phone to the new one.
Many thanks to you all , sorted now by originally trying the card reader,but stopped at the point when asked to format!
I then tried Google's play music and transferred to the cloud, as mentioned by tardytortoise, next I formatted the SD card to the new mobile,then downloaded successfully the music from the cloud, again many thanks for your contributions!
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