Formatting external hdd to FAT32?

    I've tried using swissknife but i keep etting an eror of compatibiity issues and it stops responding, not sure if it a problem on windows 7?

    are there any other programmes that will do it? its for my ps3


    Just plug it in over USB, right click the drive in Windows and select format.

    No 3rd party programs needed.

    If you need more control over partitions (which it doesn't sound like you do)...

    Go to Control Panel, type in "partitions" and select the "Create and Format Hard Disk Partitions" under "Administrative Tools".

    You can create, delete and resize partitions in there, and also format drives too.

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    There's no option for fat32 that way

    edit: ddoesn't matter now, i've found one to do it
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    Apologies, you're right. It doesn't work in Windows 7.

    Command line still does though...

    format e: /FS:FAT32

    (where e: = your mounted external hdd)

    allright mate is this for a PS3?

    I bought a 1TB hard drive a while back. and had a real nightmare formatting it in FAT32. That swissknife is useless.
    After a few days messing about I found some free software that did it in about 5 mins. It was brilliant.
    EASEUS its called, have a look on

    Nice tool! I'd had that problem with an old drive, I just dug it out the drawer & tried it. Took 5 seconds!

    fat32format is the best. Does it within seconds
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