Formatting my External Hard Drive

    Hi all,

    I finally got my External Hard Drive, but as many know it comes formatted to Fat32. I'm a bit of a noob wen it comes to things like this so can anyone recommend/teach the best way to format my external to NTFS and maybe also how to add partitions to it.

    Cheers in advance


    what OS are you on?

    in Vista
    click Start -
    then right click Computer
    then click Manage

    in the apperaing context menu:
    highlight Disk Management
    Right Click on the volume you want to format/make partition
    click Shrink volume
    follow the instruction (size, drive name& path, n choose ntsc format)

    Original Poster

    sorry mate im on XP

    Original Poster

    thanks a external is 500gb and is taking this normal?

    500GB takes hours to format. Dont worry, thats normal. You should seen how long my 1TB (1000GB) drive took!

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