Formatting ps3...........

    Wondered before i format my ps3, what steps should i take beforehand to make sure i can use my username/password on a DIFFERENT ps3? or do i have to use a new username for a different ps3????



    u can use it on any ps3

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    Also don't forget to deactivate the ps3 as it counts as 1 user used on your downloads you can download 5 times before you have to ring Sony and get it reset look it up can't explain very well lol also back up your saves and try and back up all other data ie updates etc if u have an external HD or USB stick as this will save a lot of time as you won't have to redownload them
    onto your new system if ure getting one hope this helps ! Also if you're formatting it why not get a bigger hard drive I've got a 500gb one in mine works great!
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