Former manager giving me grief

Posted 9th Dec 2020
Hi guys

I’ve managed to get a job in a new department at work. Although my old role is connected to my new role, my new role does not require me to fulfil any duties of my old role, despite me being fully trained in my old role.

A former manager is giving me grief. I have to speak to said manager to rectify certain matters and their response is always in the negative, or they ask me to do things that I am not obliged to do under my old role, simply due to them knowing I can do them. Our company’s process is that the matter despite me being able to do it, and probably better and more efficient and quicker, I must ask another department.

Said manager also had a go at me for applying to new role in front of other colleagues, and they have been bitter about it all the way.

I’ve made my new manager aware, she is supportive of me, but I’m really worried and concerned. My job doesn’t pay a lot but I like it I get satisfaction and literally 0 stress other than this. I don’t want to set a bad example.

But I simply under the impression that due to my departmental move these people are being weird about it.

Can anyone please advise?
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