Formula 1 Help!!! Has anyone been to Valencia or know best way to get tickets?

    Any help greatly appreciated for the European Grand Prix in Valencia here please guys.




    not sure but good to see they have decieded against driver with most wins winninhg and opted for the points system again this season

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    well im not too sure, at least they would have been racing to win rather than race for the points, maybe if they had boosted the points for the win it could have been the best of both worlds

    Depends how much you want to spend tbh, i was at the Melbourne season opener last year, we only went on the Sunday and it was $99 (aussie dollars) for the day, they were still selling tickets when we arrived and had loads left, not sure about the capacity for spain, in Melbourne there was over 100,000 fans there, wished that we had paid for the full 3 days though as you feel like a bit of an outsider as there were loads of places we werent allowed to go as we did pay for the full 3 day event

    Have a look at:…AIN

    Could be helpfull, or…htm

    Cheapest is 141 euro for general admission and i think you can pay with paypal

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