Posted 14th Mar
Does anyone know the cheapest and best way to play fortnite.

PC or PS4 I'm guessing you need PS plus to play it on the PS4.

Is it free on the PC?

It's for my nephews
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You don't need PS+ for Fortnite on PS4 afaik. Its free on PC.
Free on all
It’s free to play on all platforms but you can pay for addons in the game
Free to play. Or you could buy save the world so when they play that they can build up v-bucks for the battle pass.
It is a free download and free to play online, no need for any subscription.

However, there are in game purchases that the kids will want to buy.

Don't give in, it will be very expensive. Instead, just buy 950 "vbucks" (about £7) and let them purchase something called the "battle pass". This gives (if certain challenges are completed) over 100 free in game items, and you can earn over 1200 vbucks, which will pay for the next battle pass and so on.

Each battle pass lasts a "season" which is about 10 weeks.
Thank you everyone for replying, did not know it was free on PS4.
MadeDixonsCry14/03/2020 21:29

You could buy two of these I think …You could buy two of these I think

Second this. I did this to buy the battle pass which then works on my Xbox and pc too.

But base game is free to download and free to play on PS4 so there's no need to purchase if they just want to play casually.
agentjont14/03/2020 23:14

there's no need to purchase if they just want to play casually.

No kid ever wants that lol
Thanks guy just played it for free.

Quite good need to get some headphone will any headphone do?

Also how do i play with my newphews like a team as I did not now if they were in the same game?
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