Fortnite Crew - 1000 vbucks + Battle Pass + Exclusive Content - £9.99 @ Epic Games

Posted 24th Nov 2020
Ok, it's Fortnite, so I'm sure I'll get lots of cold votes, but I know there will be lots of other parents wanting to spoil their wee ones over Christmas, so thought I'd explain what I think would be a good option (what I plan to do for my kids) if you plan on buying vbucks anyway.…ion


So, the idea is that it is a subscription, and that subscription gives you:
1. 1000 vbucks every month (normally costs around £6)
2. Battle Pass (worth 950 vbucks) - new one every 3 months or so.
3. New skin plus accessory every month.


Personally unless you/your kids REALLY wants the skin, I'm not convinced it's a good deal as a subscription, HOWEVER. The T's and C's say that if you already have the battle Pass, you'll be refunded the 950 vbucks and if you cancel the sub you get to keep the skins and Battle Pass.


I suspect I'll pay for a month ONCE during each Battle Pass period - ideally times with the best included skin. Then immediately cancel it again.

Whilst it's only a slight saving on vbucks initially if that's all you're after, it IS still a saving and I'm sure a good portion of my kids' Christmas money will go to Fortnite, so worth it from that point of view.

Paying for it every month basically means that those other months you are paying about £4 for the bonus content (skin + accessory). If you LOVE the bonus content then that's cheap as far as their content goes, but I wouldn't say it was a "deal" as such...

But I think of you consider them as one-off purchases and you'd be buying the vbucks anyway, then buying this as and when it's needed works out well.


For parents or folks new to Fortnite it is worth noting that ALL the paid for content is purely cosmetic - it doesn't provide any advantage in-game, just adds an extra bit of fun (my daughter constantly switches between all her outfits - drives me mad waiting to play a game with her)...

Hope this helps some folks.
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