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Can somone please shed some light on how one get access to all areas of this wonderful forum.

Last night I was reading a thread which subsequent became unavailable to me saying I did not have enough rights to view it.

Thanks for your help in advance.


When a mod moves a thread, you cannot access it. Members have rights to every bit of the forum, except the mods special area :-D

It may have been moved as it was a duplicate, or spam etc...

"except the mods special area"

I hope you lot get a coffee machine and comfy seats. (Fully deserved!)

Haha, it is called the Mod Couch. ;-)

Original Poster

Thanks for the info. Do deals get moved to the "special sections" too?


Thanks for the info. Do deals get moved to the "special sections" too?

Yes, as I said above, if they are duplicates or spam. Or even if we're just not sure about something, we move it to a holding area while it gets checked out. Sometimes the link to it still appears on the form index, as it is cached, and you may click the link and get denied access, which is what I assume you meant when you started this thread.
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