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Found 10th Feb 2006

I'm not sure if anyone actually reads the posts in this thread, but here goes.

Does anyone out there have a link to a site where I can learn to make my posts look better?

i.e. Change long links to neat shorter ones. Or to add a picture of the item in the post I am writing.

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Well, with the posts in the forum using BBCode combined with links or URL's you'll soon pick it up.

[ url = http : / / w w w . your link . com ]Click Here[ / url ] omit the spaces

That will shorten a link to the length of text you want to add where click Here is.

[ img ] http : / / w w w . your image link . jpg [ / img ] again no spaces

Will add your chosen image. To find the URL of an image, right click with your cursor over the image, go to properties and copy the address URL. It should eng in jpg, gif, bmp or other picture format.

Hope that helps a bit...
There's also some info HERE explaining BBCode and HTML
Thanks Rayman,

I'll be looking for bargains over the next few days to test out my new skills on the forums!

Just to add....

If you look to the bottom left of this page there is a post reply button. If you click it, it will bring you to a bigger reply page whereby you can see buttons for Bold : Colour : URL : image and the like.

If you hover your mouse over those buttons you will see an example of the 'code' it uses. ie - [B] text [/ B] You just need to click the button it insert the code.

Hope that makes sense.
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