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Found 6th May 2005
With a new look I though Id bring you a new newsletter or, if newsletter sound a little boring, Weekly Goings On here on the forum. Ive put this together all on my own this week, and only had the idea last night, and so accept my apologies if Ive missed anything big out or if its not very good. What would help, is if you see an exceptionally good article then please PM me letting me know that you think it should be in the newsletter. All ideas must be to me by 6:00pm each Friday evening (unless I tell you otherwise). Now then, lets get started!!

Note: on most of the posts talked about you can click on a link to visit the page in question.

New Look

Earlier this week we all had three attempts at typing in the HUKD address before wed realised that wed done it right. Admin totally took us by surprise because wed had no prior warning to any changes on the site. I have said lots of times that I preferred the purple and orange, but things do, unfortunately, have to change. Im starting to get used to the new style myself, and Im sure that other people really like it too.

The best new feature in my opinion is the Quick Reply feature, which saves you the click of a button, which to me often put me off replying to posts when I wasnt too bothered. I also think that the spot lights are good, and the images on the front page help you see the offers quickly without having to read a lot.

There have been several problems, but most of these have now been sorted by Admin.


But is it just me, or are the popular deals and latest vouchers areas making the actual posts very long and narrow?? Then again, I dont use maximised windows most of the time.

hotukdeals.com/PNp…tml >>New Look Article Here<<

QuidCo quidco.com

At the beginning of the week we saw the launch of quidco.com QuidCo , the internets hotukdeals.com/PNp…tml FIRST ever cashback cooperative !! This has really helped reduce the price of our HotDeals even further, and it really save you money. Im sure that it will become a very popular website.

Mobile Phone Deals

Im going to use my favouritism now (Its my newsletter anyway!!). Im posting mobile deals early in the newsletter because I have recently been given the job of looking after these deals. Im keeping a sharp eye out for these, and only posting the best. Admin did actually beat me to the two best offers this week though. Admin noticed (a couple f hours before I was about to post them) the hotukdeals.com/Art…tml Motorola V220 with 100 free minutes and 100 free texts with a total 12month term cost of £0.00!! Actually, if you used QuidCo then you would have made a profit of £30!! Admin pointed out that the hotukdeals.com/Art…tml Nokia 3120 also has a free contract term if you use QuidCo with that too. For those of you with too much money I found the hotukdeals.com/PNp…tml Blackberry PDA phone, and I also found the best deal for a hotukdeals.com/PNp…tml Samsung D500 .

Profit Deals

The Motorola V220 brings me nicely onto this. QuidCo isnt just saving us money; its a source of income!! LOL. Theres £30 profit on the V220, and theres more profit with a hotukdeals.com/PNp…tml Better than Free ink cartridge , as posted by Paul. I reckon that I started the trend off though, with my hotukdeals.com/PNp…tml 1p profit on a .co.uk domain name at 1&1 . Also, in the 1&1 penny profit post we learnt about Uiamans better-than-free cookies.

Ad Scans

The Bank Holiday Ad Scans proved useful once again, I think thats a very nice idea Admin, but it must take ages to scan them all!! I like how my usernames been plastered across the mobile ones too, LOL. hotukdeals.com/PNp…tml Have a look by clicking here.


The newest is probably the best hotukdeals.com/PNp…tml iPod mini offer available. Its only green though. Oh well, view it here.

hotukdeals.com/PNp…tml TGI Fridays are doing some of their cheap meals again. If youre in that area then try this for a treat.

SVP announced their hotukdeals.com/PNp…tml Best Ever Shipping Offer just 24 hours after I ordered a load of discs. Sods law is true. Ive not had a single suggestion for this but I bet I get one as soon as I post one. Also, try SVPs extremely cheap discs at just £9.99 per 100. I dont think that this was ever posted on HUKD. The discs have students drawings all over them, but I recon that these will cover up with some white labels, LOL. Also, check out hotukdeals.com/PNp…tml SVPs TFT monitor which is also quite cheap.

Theres been a bit of a battle for TFT monitors this week. Not only is there the SVP one hotukdeals.com/PNp…tml , but also a hotukdeals.com/PNp…tml 15 for £82 and a hotukdeals.com/PNp…tml 17 for £129 .


MissPiggy has been keeping up with most of these, with the regular (and not so regular) help of all those whove contributed over the past week.

MissPiggys pride and joy seems to be the hotukdeals.com/PNp…tml freebies in the Magazine / Newspaper thread which she maintains regularly. Ive got my Star Wars stickers, but I didnt really want a Cottage Garden DVD, LOL.

The Doctor Who eBooks look good too. This is a little biased because Im quite a Doctor Who fan (Saturdays, 7pm everyone!!). hotukdeals.com/PNp…tml Have a look by clicking here .

The hotukdeals.com/PNp…tml Ben and Jerry free cone day looks good, but I cant get to a Ben & Jerry's that day!! The post is a little feeble by the way JulianL, please put more information next time. The free cone day itself does look pretty cool (do you get it?? Cool). You basically get a free ice cream, 19th May I think.

I think that MissPiggy found a little gem with the hotukdeals.com/PNp…tml FREE Boots cosmetics bag . This is available from 19th May, so get it after your free ice creams, LOL. I reckjon these will disappear very quickly, grab them whilst you can!!

Odds Are

Ive not been keeping an eye on this forum over the last few days, because I dont believe that it is of any use. . ONLY JOKING!! I know that LoneCrusader will give me some stick for that because he does a lot of hard work there. Keep it up, and I promise to include some competitions in the next newsletter.

Miscellaneous (Funny, fun and random)

This forum has been bustling with life once again.

Weve seen hotukdeals.com/PNp…tml Guess-the-Google this week too. After playing this for 2 consecutive hours I was told by my friends to Get a life.

My friends did like the hotukdeals.com/PNp…tml BlockedMe song which everyone is now singing!! Thanks guys.

We all had a moan at hotukdeals.com/PNp…tml TrekBabes joke , which I personally think is so bad it should be removed from the forum. I must add that you do a good job contributing to this UK site seen as you are in America Trekbabe (I think you are anyway)!!

Closing Words


Hopefully therell be more freebies / deals next month, because Ill be able to index my favourites during the week. I'll put some comps in too.

I hope to make this a regular, useful resource, and so PM me with any posts which youd like to be mentioned. Well hopefully end up with a nice little archive of goings-on!!

If youve read this far you must either be very sad or be looking for something which Ive made a mistake on. If either of the two options are correct then I advise you to shut down your computer and go for a long walk. LOL. Now then, lets carry on DealHunting!!


Read it, loved it, will be back for more I'm stunned by the amount of work you put into this duckmagicuk2!

Let's get you in the Spotlight :P

Original Poster

Spotlight?? Wow!! That's even better than the honour of being onnthe front page on the old site!! Thank you!! What did everyone else think of it?? Took me about 45mins to complete!! I need some people to "nominate" posts for next week remember, so keep your eyes peeled.

Excellent, a well spent 45 minutes. You've covered a lot of useful topics from all forums [at least you mentioned the Odds Are :)].

Now everyone of us will have to get digging for more content to provide you with.

Thanks for a good read

Don't get become a roast duck under that spotlight hehe



If you’ve read this far you must either be very sad or be looking for s … If you’ve read this far you must either be very sad or be looking for something which I’ve made a mistake on. If either of the two options are correct then I advise you to shut down your computer and go for a long walk. LOL. Now then, let’s carry on DealHunting!!

:oops: Right on all counts, sir! LOL :lol:
Why oh why have I not gone on my run today!

Love it. Shall be waiting for the next one with anticipation! And trawling the forum for threads to nominate...

Well done, time well spent if you ask me.

I've had a word with the Sun and their interested, they've offered a right page column for the newsletter once a week.

I've provisionally booked page 3 because its apprarently the best viewed page, not sure about read though.

Original Poster

LOL everyone. Just to remind you that any posts being nominated need to be from the COMING week, not from the past. Unless anyone has any objections.

very nice ducky. looking forward to next weeks version

I must add that you do a good job contributing to this UK site seen as … I must add that you do a good job contributing to this UK site seen as you are in America Trekbabe (I think you are anyway)!!

I am, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.............and Thank You! I really enjoy this site, and you did a great job with the newsletter!!!!

Yep I usually just scan the front page but I’m glad I took a look. Well done, I will be looking out for more of the same.

:thumbsup: Thumbs up!!!

Very comprehensive, thnkyou!

Original Poster

I'm glad everyone gave such great comments about this. I thought that no one would read it at first!! i've STILL not had any suggestions for the next one though.

Nice summary. I don't get to check out the forums very often any more (was here at the beginning of HUKD), so it's nice to have a newsletter to bring me up to date.

Original Poster

Everyone read the newsletter, but no body told me about the mashed up URLs!! Oh well.

Original Poster

Hi everyone!! NOW is the time to get your suggestions in for the next newsletter. So get browsing through the threads from the past week and find your favourites!!


Please help!!
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