Forwarding Orange Wednesday codes

    This is just an FYI, for anyone who has had problems using a forwarded Orange Wednesday text at a cinema.

    At my local Cineworld cinema, they no longer accept forwarded texts. The way they can tell is by looking at who has sent you the text (should be sent from 241). However if someone forwards their text, it will come up with their name on it.

    The way to get round this is to rename that person as "241" in your phone's address book, and then ask them to forward on the text. Once received, there is no way of telling that it has been forwarded, as it will show as being received from "241"

    I hope this isn't just stating the obvious!! Its worked ok for me.


    lol simple but effective.

    good tip

    yip - sounds good to me

    cool tip, never had a problem yet as never been asked to show my phone i just read out the code. But you never know

    just dont have an iphone. lol

    Good tip!
    I have a smartphone so just scroll down so they can't see the sender. The jobsworths in the cinema booths do seem to act like Nazis though especially when it comes to discounts (especially Student ones)

    thanks for the info:thumbsup:

    Hi I've been doing this for quite a while

    Just one tip, make sure the person you've changed to 241 doesn't ring you while you're showing the text to the cinema person as "241 calling" will come up on your phone and you'll have blown your cover!

    can you use these to book tickets in advance?

    Cheers pal, already know how to do that, but thanks anyway!
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