Forza 2 and Wheel

    found an ok deal on Gameplay…ide

    but the codes never work for me

    any other deals?


    thats no deal if you think about it.

    iv preordered at Game and they sent in voucher for £15 off the wheel, unfortunately ther wheel is £10 more than argos, hmv, pc world.

    if you hold out till after the release im sure many stores will be doing bundles or discount on the wheel-face it its not a big seller for stores as theres like only 3 racing games and 1 one that supports FF. so stores will want to shove it out the door quickly.

    Best option I can see is to buy them seperately:

    Official wireless wheel with PGR 3 £79.99…QZP

    Forza 2 £29.99 + £1.00 delivery :…577

    Total cost £110.98 (If you sold the PGR get it for around £100).Don't forget Quidco too (Even if you go the Gameplay route).

    Hope this helps.Might go for this myself.:)

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    yeah thanks. selling PGR would be the plan, but its not really worth that much.

    probably go for the gameplay deal with the guide and LTD edition FORZA2 coz this is a game i intend to master:) loved the demo, been playing with all the assists off, so realistic.

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    Are you sure the gameplay one wont come with PGR3?


    Are you sure the gameplay one wont come with PGR3?

    Don't think so.My mate bought this pack around Xmas time when it was quite new,He said he had a choice or PGR 3 or NFS Carbon (which is pants!).Don't think Microsoft do either anymore,Think its just the wheel.Play probably have some of the original packs still in stock (noticed PGR pack was out of stock in most places (Woolworths,Amazon etc.).I loved PGR 3 problem with it is most 360 owners have a copy.Just to note I didnt find the wheel that easy to use and on split screen (against my mate using it) I nailed him using the controller.It was more fun with the wheel tho.Just reckon it takes a bit of getting used to.

    I got mine from game a couple of weeks ago with the PGR 3 offer, it's same as free mini remote with first release 360 consoles and the free King Kong with the HD-DVD drive, "this is a limited offer" i.e. once the first batch has gone there is no more free game.

    In this case though it may be different as the PGR 3 disk had the force feedback drivers on it, so would seem strange to stop including, plus they went to the effort of a force feedback "special edition" of the game that you can't buy on its own! lol.....unless they just put an update on XBL

    Right there you go clear as mud.

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    Gone all out for the Gameplay (£120 pack)

    I've played PGR3 to death and I dont want it distracting my mastering of Forza 2:) Gameplay have never let me down with delivery either.
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