Forza 3 features disabled?!

    Hi all,

    Just wondered if anyone else has experienced this?

    I've not received a message saying i've been banned or anything of the sort, like I have read many people online have, however I cannot auction cars or gift cars. I can buy from the storefront/auctionhouse though.

    I've never modified my Xbox (brand new Slim model actually) or my save game, or my XBL profile, or anything like that. Nor have I ever sold a car on the auction house, or anything other than tuning setups and maybe pictures if I remember correctly... and they've all been posted up as free too I think, so no money glitches or anything like that!

    Yet I seem to be banned/had the storefront auction and gifting features disabled?

    Has anyone else had this? How did you fix it?

    I've emailed Turn10 but don't expect a reply for a few hundred years.

    Argh, so annoying! First time I've tried to gift or sell a car!



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    You have to wait 2-3weeks if it's a ban

    My friend got banned for a few weeks due to a pic of a panda eating bamboo and looking stoned

    Unsure why pic was offensive

    Original Poster

    I've never even sold anything! Got a few pictures of a plain black porsche in my storefront I think, and a very very good tuning setup!

    I had emailed them... I'll report it there, thank you.
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