Forza Horizon 3 - really slow and loud installation

Found 29th Oct 2016
Hi Guys,
I just bought Forza and it's installing really slow and it's really loud (like laser have problem with reading data from the disk). I know that installing can be slow when you choose to update it during installation but I always install games without updating.

After almost 30 minutes it was on 33% - so I cancel it and it's not a drive problem because I installed other game workout any issues like that.

So.. anyone else have a "problem" like I am or it's only my bad luck and I suppose go for replacement?
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Probably a dodgy disc, I've had similar issues with a scratched FIFA disc.
Disc is completely free from scratches, so that's not a problem.

Just tried to reinstall Battlefield 1 and it installing without these issues. So I guess I need to pop up into the store later and ask for replacement.
yes! I had this installing it as well, not the noisy drive part tho, I ended up deleting it and signing out of live to install it, still took a few hours all in
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