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    Hi all

    I was playing my brand new copy of forza on my xbox last night when I was waiting for the game to load I leaned back accidently and kicked over my xbox 360 (sitting upright under my desk), I heard a grinding noice and I quickly switched off my xbox, but unfortunatley the damaged was done, I ejected the disc and there was a ring etched on the disk. The game is not even being recognised by the console. I their any way I can sort it out or do I need to save up for another copy? Thanks


    Ive heard you can take it ot places such as gamstation and they will sorta clean the disc for you although i dont know how deep the scratch has gotta be.

    Most games manufacturers will offer you a replacement disc if you send them the scratched one. Check the warranty information inthe back of the manual.

    Otherwise I know offer a repair service, but obviously this is at a cost.

    HTH mate


    i kicked my 360 when playing need for speed when i got busted after a long chase.

    knackered the disc.

    its my favourite game, just aswell you can pick it up for a tenner delivered these days.

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    thanks for the advice - will let you know what happens
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