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    Hi everyone,

    I want to start tuning my cars in the Forza Series but there are 2 versions of the ForzaTune App if I buy ForzaTune 6 does that cover all of the games?


    No, each game uses a different algorithm so each version is game specific. Forza tune apps are really good. I was reasonably good at tunes but once I started using the app the cars became phenomenal.

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    could you tell me which app is for what game (s)? Thanks for your feedback

    The number connects them to each game. They're only for the motoraport games. I don't think there's been anyade for horizon.

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    so I can't for example use Forzatune 4 for FH, Forzatune 5 for FM5 and FH2 and Forzatune 6 for FM6 and FH3?

    You could email the developer to ask about horizon versions. I've spoke with him before. Very nice chap and replies pretty quick. As for the motorsport versions, each numbered forzatune goes with each numbered motorsport game.
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