found a leak in my fiesta any idea what part this is?

    pic below


    looks like rain

    Coolant? Can you see the coolant pot, normally pink for Ford's i think.....might be orange.
    Can't be that many, there's only coolant, screen wash, oil and brake fluid normally in there......he says, trying to remember lol
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    I have little if any knowledge of cars but just guessing as best i can.
    You say brakes working well but is the brake fluid pot at the correct level?
    Does the leak increase in volume when you apply the accelerator?
    Or is it just when the engine is idling it's leaking at the same constant rate?

    have you got air con ?

    ok rules that out then, those pipes are powering steering pipes & they look corroded, could be power steering fluid weeping out.
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    Are you sure those are power steering pipes? i thought the ran along the firewall?


    I think the pipe is the water coolant pipe for radiator,

    Keep an eye on engine temperature gauge if it rises over halfway mark you have an overheating problem due to the leak,

    I'm assuming you have a late 90's to early 00's fiesta?


    just noticed the power steering fluid is going down

    yep that's because your pipes are corroded, it usually corrodes where they go through that mounting bracket. Trip to your local Ford dealers for the part, not sure if there is an alternative aftermarket part, as we only fit genuine, as we can be confident they will fit !
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