Found new hardware problem (Actually software Related)

    You know the found new hardware wizard that windows xp has, well the wee window cannot be re-sized as default. normally you would just goto one of the corners and click and drag to re-size any folder etc window.

    except for the "found new hardware" wizard you cannot change its size normally, but something changed the last day that randomly boxes were different sizes such as msn chat boxes, i don't know if its related to me using the laptop on the 42" tv, but like right now im on it and even the box is the same size i cant get it to change size.

    heres a screen shot


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    It is most probably just down to the Theme you are using.

    Revert back to the normal Windows XP Theme and I am sure it will resolve your issue.

    Otherwise contact the themes creator and let them know there is an error with it.

    Is this just something that started happening randomly when the theme had worked fine with the same set-up (i.e. on the 42" telly) previously? Does the problem stop when you just use the laptop's screen alone?

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    well it doesnt interfere with either screens to be honest as i can switch between them, i just installed the bluetooth dongle last night and im missing a driver it seems for it, and it poped up yesterday morning and even changing screen resolutions wont hel me to get to the bottom of that actual box.

    it actually happened before i had loaded up the theme so it hasn't got anything to do with that. altho ill flick through the themes and see if any change.

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    Fixed it, normally if you goto end process it will stall for that one application as its a microsoft one sorta thing, instead i went into the process's Killed the rundll32 process then done anew hardware scan and the box came back in full size.
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