found Petrol @ 110.9p in kilmarnock

    Bp garage next to sainsburys were 110.9p a litre so were sainburys
    seen the price when i was passing through to fill up.

    Every where else varied between 111.9-116.9p



    wheres sainsburys in kilmarnock? Not that it matters really, but I dont remember it.


    great, ill nip up tonight...will only cost about £70 in fuel

    112.9 petrol at Asda Boldon Colin ;-)

    Fill up 40 litres and I will save £2.40 max. Tell me when it hits 80p a litre.

    Voted cold.

    I paid £126.9 for diesel on the M5 last week, broke my bleedin' heart i tells ya.

    it was 114.9 last week at our sainsburys in grimsby and our lowest in town is 113.9

    our lowest is asda and shell 111.9p a litre

    Thanks for sharing, but it'll take a fair amount more than 1-2p saving in fuel to get me anywhere near Killie!X)

    Original Poster Banned

    I really hope fuel comes back to under £1 but a seriously doubt it, 84.9p was the last price i paid for fuel 3 years ago until may this year at £118.9 some increase

    45 litre tank used to cost me £34 now its a mind boggling £53 :O

    £111.9 at asda kilmarnock.

    116.9 here in Alnwick (one garage with a monopoly), yet it's 3p cheaper down the road in Morpeth, and 5p cheaper at Asda in Ashington.
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