Found some good childrens educational websites so thought I'd share

    Evening all.

    I have always struggled to find some good games for the kids to play on the internet so thought I would ask my son's Reception teacher at parents Evening yesterday and she told me these: - good for phonics - teaching resources…htm

    Hope this helps someone - and if anyone else has found any good ones, please do share below :-D



    Should be good for the kids

    thanks will have a look

    Thanks. My children are always looking for different websites to use. Just had a peek at this one looks pretty good.

    thanks wiil have a look

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    The kids use this at … The kids use this at school. just keep registering for the free trial bit!

    Yah, I stumbled upon that one the other day and my son started shouting that they use that one in school but it was £99 to subscribe! :w00t:

    Does the free trial give full access or just odd bits to get you sucked in? is good for maths games

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    monkey madness;8187841

    we use some of them at my achool!this is a good site too … we use some of them at my achool!this is a good site too

    thank you :thumbsup:
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