Fountain Pens

    Hi Guys,

    Anyone know for sites which have deals on for fountain pens. Looking to spend around £30.



    mrpen is quite good

    and so is pen and paper

    i would reccomend the sheaffer agio set from either store

    or mr pen have a prelude on offer i think?

    [SIZE=2]If you check out whsmiths they have 20% off their pens at the moment, some nice fountain pens to be had in their selection![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]hope you find one you like![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Em :santa: [/SIZE]

    (not having a go)
    the ones at smiths arnt too good

    i spent weeks looking at this and ended up getting a waterman carene (£120 reduced down to about 60)

    i would recomend email the people at mr pen

    they are really helpful

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