Foxy pulling a fast one?

    Ok, some of us saw Hex 2 go for £4.95 at . They then send us all an email saying that its been backordered due to them selling out and it will be cancelled in 4 weeks of no stock is supplied by then.

    Well, I'm still backordered and according their own site, they got stock :x…Hex

    Not a happy bunny. Oh, best of all their "contact us" does not work.

    According to their source code, [email protected] should be a valid email address. Dont bother using their site, it wont send it. Also, the email they sent us was from [email protected] so another one that may be worth a try if anyone else wants to complain.



    Hi Guys,

    Just a quick note to say the Hex 2 Boxset was not a scam but a genuine first come first served deal. 200 are going out today and another 200 on Monday and that's the last of the cheap lot so well done to all those who bagged a bargain.

    (Although I still don't see the point of buying 10 like some people did because surely if you know the market is flooded by us with such a low price the re-sale value on Ebay won't be worth the hassle because everyone will already have a cheap copy)

    I'd appreciate it if all the people that doubted us and/or ordered multiple copies could post to let people know when their order is dispatched and that we are a genuine and honest company.

    All the best,


    PS Anyone that is really happy with their bargain, feel free to sing our praises on the forums, it's nice to get good feedback and feel noticed and appreciated because we are not a big greedy company, we do this because we love it and want to give people an independent alternative to the bigger companies or copycat sites.

    Welcome ]marcusq
    What about the contact email address.... which one is OK?

    Hey Marcus, did you spot Foxy in trade magazine MCV a couple of weeks ago?


    ]][COLOR=#0000ff]DVDs - James Stewart - Screen Legends - Harvey / Mr Smith Goes To Washington / Rear Window / It's A Wonderful Life (DVD)[/COLOR]
    Retail: £24.99
    Discount: £13.74 (55%)
    FOXY Price: £11.25 In Stock

    Released: 5th June 2006
    Region: 2
    Featuring 'Harvey', 'Mr Smith Goes To Washington', 'Rear Window' and 'It's A Wonderful Life'.
    Hey, Marcus, this is one of yours i believe. Gr8 price will turn it into a deal. Nice genuine reply from U - appreciated.

    Original Poster

    Just to say, that Foxy HAVE now honoured my order. A stunning price by Foxy and they came through.
    (Thanks guys)

    Please fix the contact page, its incredibly annoying as all your web pages else where tell people to use it.

    contact email for foxy customer service:

    hello at foxy dot co dot uk

    I haven't seen MVC mag, can you post/email me a scan?

    And hello to anyone else, all questions welcome, keep it clean and relevant

    Like I said, that really was a good deal, we have nearly 400 sold at that price

    Hi marcus. Thanks for answering queries here. Just something I want to point out to you though - HUKD is a community forum, and it's not a free advertising mechanism for retailers. Feel free to post anytime, but any "sales pitches" won't be allowed.

    Cheers :thumbsup:

    Yes, that's also a genuine deal.

    Here's another tip for you all, on condition you are are all understanding if we do ever have a mis-price and the carpet baggers are dissapointed because we need support too ...


    OK, no problem, delete anything you like, I'll answer questions when I can. Have a nice weekend guys

    Oh, and the Contact Us page works for me, any error message or screenshots?

    Welcome to HotUKDeals marcusq and Thanks for replying to questions

    I've removed the link details from your posts. As Emma explains above, self promotion isn't allowed here and we want to be fair to all retailers.

    If replies are kept on the topic of specific deals posted in the main forum and customer services, I think the rest is fine...

    Yeah, if you do have any deals which the members truly think are great then they will be posted by our members any way, so don't get yourself into trouble by trying to self-promote. :thumbsup: Just keep up the good deals for us!!

    OK, thanks

    All Hex 2 deals have now been dispatched today, well done to everyone who bagged one.
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