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Found 5th Nov 2009
Looking for some help. I ordered some of the Tesco half price posters. Picked these up last night and they look pretty good for the money. One of the posters is for my bathroom and I know it will look perfect in a clip frame / frameless frame.

So I'm looking for a clip frame size 18x24 inches or 45x61 cm. Does anyone know who does such a size.

Rep for any help available.


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I am not sure on size sorry, but wilkinsons do a great range of these all sizes.

Asda do as well

dunelm or the range store sell clip frames in different sizes.

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Thank you, just tried these and none have the size I need. Ah well , back to the drawing board.

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Thanks, but again wrong size this is 18x24cm where as I need 18x24 inches

Seller picturepleasure on ebay stocks 20 x 18" and a number of other ones.

Got my 36x 24" poster frames from them, well impressed.

They offer reduced postage on multiple items etc

Hope this helps
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