Frames - 6" x 4" - Where can I buy??

    Hi there, I have just printed off a lot of 6" x 4" pictures. I would like to frame them all. Does anyone know where I can purchase a lot of cheap frames.

    I would prefer it was a modern looking frame but will consider what anyone can help me with. The max I would be willing to pay is £3 per frame, but would love for someone to find £1.50 per frame.

    Thanks very much to the people that help, rep will be added as I have had real difficulty find something.




    Try Wilkinson Plus website, their frames start at about £1 - go through Quidco for 4.5% cashback
    £2.95 delivery no matter how much you order

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    your a star!! thats perfect!! thanks very much and rep added!! :thumbsup:


    No Danger

    QD also sell good cheap quality frames, you can also buy a mount surround and then a slightly bigger frame and you have a professional finish.

    Hi Scott
    Matalan also do frames. About £8 for pack of 3 but they are really beautiful frames,
    Heavy and sturdy. Have bought loads for my place.

    Marks and Spencer have lovely frames for £3 to fit your pics. Brushed metal, in gold, silver or steel colours.
    Only a pound for the smaller sizes. Real quality frames.

    Dunelm Mill have some nice frames at reasonable prices.

    That has reminded me...on the subject of frames i've been trying to find some to hold some pictures i bought from hmv for a whlie now , they are 40cm x 40 cm but i can't find frames anywhere.

    Even the clip ones without any frame on would do, anyone know where i could get them?
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