Frankie Boyle's I Would Happily Punch Every One Of You In The Face Tour

Found 12th Sep 2010
Anyone seen this live?

I'm going to see him at Newcastle on his last ever venue on the 15th December on the front row. I really want him to pick on me
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Well he won't be short of material.

Well he won't be short of material.

Ha, you should be doing the tour, you're a funny guy.

Ha, you should be doing the tour, you're a funny guy.

I'll do the ripping the **** out of you bit if you'd like?
Yeah saw him in Belfast...Im a fan but even so some of the jokes made me cringe...Decent overall though
Saw him in Portsmouth, if you have read his book you will know a lot of the jokes and there are a few that even I thought were out of order but overall a good night.. If you watch the live show you will see the put downs that he uses for the front row. Best to be a student!!
Just don't take you're mum if you're a downer as she may get upset (probably are and probably will)
saw this show in glasgow-the proof of it being a good night is that there wasnt ONE joke you could repeat on here without being banned-lol!
I went to see him in Newcastle in May, he was brill - and i dont normally like comidiens! Definatley would go back to see him. Not reccomeneded if your easily offended... he did alot of joke i thought had maybe gone a bit too far, disabled jokes, jokes about maddie mcann etc.

I spent the whole time panicking he would pick on me as we were very near the front!

He only went along the front row picking on people.
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