Franklin Mint item - Whats the value?

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Found 4th Oct 2016
I have an item made by the Franklin Mint - A bronze sculpture known as "Clash Of The Time Lords". I cannot see anywhere online about any recent sales or values. There is one on the bay but I think it is over-valued there.

Has anyone either sold such an item, know anywhere else of one being sold or any suggesting on sale value?

Many thanks in advance.

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It's only worth what someone is willing pay for it. You're asking the wrong questions.

Original Poster

Very true. But in order to ask for a reasonable amount, it would be nice to know the approximate value.


Just had a look at what it is on the link above, it sure is ugly.

About 700 quid if u look at ebay but thats american could also be overpriced

Put it on a auction site at a start price of what you would be happy accepting. If it doesn't sell you'll know it was over priced you may also get people bidding to what is a market value for the item. That at least will answer your question.
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