Fratellis pre-sale wednesday - Glasgow & Dundee Shows…308

    The indie trio announce two shows at Glasgow and Dundee!

    The Fratellis are pleased to announce two rare and exciting new shows at the ABC and Fat Sams this spring. This exclusive pre-sale will give you the chance to buy these tickets before anybody else


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    terrible at doing links - works if you copy & paste!


    Links aren't enabled in the first post, you need to add them to a reply in the thread ;-)


    terrible at doing links - works if you copy & paste!

    Links don't work in the first post anymore honey

    Original Poster

    Thanks useless at this high tech stuff - hehe

    No probs... If you highlight a word (not in the first post as no links will work) and click the button in the text box, a wee box pops open and then you can paste your link there (make sure you don't end up with two lots of "http://"'s when you paste your link :)) and then click "ok", that makes the word a link... - if that makes sense!

    ie, ]>

    Oh & thanks for the tip honey!! :-D
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